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This page is meant for those who are interested in further management training after their apprenticeship and those who are interested in our school, but not familiar with the German educational and vocational training system.

Our students are skilled waiters (Restaurantfachleute), hotel professionals (Hotelfachleute), hotel clerks (Hotelkaufleute) or chefs (Köche/Köchinnen). They have completed an apprenticeship within the German dual system of vocational training taking two to three years, and they have passed the final exam in their respective profession in front of the Chamber of Commerce in one of the states of Germany. Furthermore they have gained at least one year of professional experience, either abroad or in Germany.

By attending our school they undergo further training that provides them with specific knowledge and skills in management functions within the hospitality industry.

Jens Hatje

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Susanne Rahtge Susanne Rahtge, head of department  of Hotel Management School of Hamburg since August 2013, cordially welcomes you here!

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